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Our piglets are either 100% Kune Kune or 50/50 Kune Kune / American Guinea Hog

Kune kune pigs are true pasture pigs that you can raise in a pen, a backyard, or on pasture. They are grazing pigs that get their main diet from grass and plants, and on the homestead they can get a supplement from table scraps, fallen fruit, garden leftovers, and almost any bagged livestock food..

American Guinea hogs ( the black ones!) are a small breed of pigs that are excellent foragers and develop succulent and very flavorful meat with abundant soft fats for lard and sausage.

These are not big pink industrial pigs that are fed grain to fatten and butcher in 6 months!
They grow in 10-14 months to a mature small pig with much healthier and flavorful meat!!

We have homestead pasture piglets for $50 each (minimum 2) – they are 8 weeks old and being naturally weaned.

Spring/Summer : They are growing fast and keeping up with the green growth around them, along with kitchen scraps. These good natured pigs will beg for treats and follow you anywhere for food.

Fall: As they get near butcher weights, they put on more fat and the meat develops more flavor. They are eating a lot just as garden and fruit availability increase. They will tear through the fallen fruit of you and your neighbors, and there will never be a wasted pumpkin or zucchini!!

They can be butchered in the Winter, or left to grow more the next year.  They will put on more size a lot more fat in the second year.  When it is time for butcher, they can be done at a local processor or done at home. Since they body is a few hundred pounds, it can be hung for butchering by 2 people, and the pork can be cut and immediately frozen.



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