All About Beef Quarters

Ordering Quarters, Halves, Whole Beef

Timeline for ordering beef:

  1. Deposit for quarters of beef taken in advance: $100/quarter
  2. Harvest day: Beef is taken by truck
    1. Organ/other meats (heart, tongue, liver, tripe, oxtail) are only available this day direct from the mobile truck
  3. (Harvest+2 days): Hanging weights available – make arrangements for full payment
  4. (Harvest+17-20 days): Finish dry aging.
    1. All instructions for custom cuts must be given to processor before this time
  5. (Harvest+20-2 days): Cut and wrap complete – arrange pickup of packaged meat
  6. (Harvest+30-33 days): Sausage and processed meats compete – arrange separate pickup

If you ordered a quarter, what you will receive is commonly called a “split half.”  Because, the cuts of meat in the front half differs dramatically from the back half, the cuts are evenly divided between the two to make it equal.  Some custom cutting must be shared between those with each of the split quarters, including steak thickness and roast sizes.  We will try to match quarters as much as possible, but can only guarantee every custom cut with full halves. 

What will your beef cost? 

The cost is by pound hanging weight and includes basic cut and mobile slaughter costs.  The hanging weight is the weight of the carcass, before it is processed into individual cuts.  Your take home weight of meat will be about 25%-35% less depending on how you have the meat cut. The biggest amount of loss is in water during the dry aging process – typical supermarket beef is wet aged and just holds more water that you are paying for. The next factor is how much bone material is taken off for your cuts.

The butcher determines the final cut for each half beef. If you are ordering just a quarter, you will get the “standard cut” as follows:

Any half beef comes with a full custom cut. Below is a “standard” have along with some common choices for cuts. You can also customize steak thickness, roast sizes, and number of steaks per package.


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